Taking forward the effort of community mobilization in the last one year where some of the key achievements have been that support education systems has created learning opportunities, organized community to take up development initiative. Programmes in the second phase of the project will be implemented in 9 hamlets of Jehanabad district of Bihar where status of education and RTE implementation is still very poor. These 9 hamlets which have been identified by Abhiyan are far behind the mainstream. Education, Health, hygiene is the main problem with the Mushar community which is due to the poverty and discrimination faced by the community in large. In continuation with some of the former results the project will be continued further for 2 years with the objective of streamlining and strengthening educational and nutritional status of the Mushar children by strengthening implementation of RTE and ICDS programme in 9 Mushar hamlets the project will be continued in the same Dalit hamlets where education and health need of children will be focused and advocacy efforts will be initiated to make the service provider regular and accountable, the community will even be facilitated to take the benefits of the government schemes to improve their overall living condition.