The children of waste pickers are not afraid to dream big, and dream big they did as they went on to become first generation learners to pass the SSC examination with such flying colours! The past year has been challenging to say the least, but in the face of all the hardships associated with the pandemic, the children have stayed strong, held their ground and shown grit. However, they were not alone. Their parents have shown once again that a supportive family can go a long way in helping the child to achieve all that they wish to achieve. They ensured that their child did not have to worry about their next meal, they used their savings to buy a spare phone so that the child can continue to study uninterrupted, they worked long hours and double shifts to earn a little extra money to pay for the increasing expenses of education. But, most importantly, they showed up for the child, no matter what. However, they too are of the belief that much of this would not have been possible without the philanthropic support of organisations and individuals alike. As we take this moment to share this feat and celebrate the children with you, we also want to thank you for championing this cause and aiding our children in so many ways that you have. We are utterly grateful and hope that you will continue to support the children in their future endeavours as well.