Projects & Partners




Kalpvrish, "the Environmental Action Group," works on environmental and social issues. The areas of the organisation’s work are alternatives, conservation and livelihoods, environment education, urban environment, and environment and development. Kalpavriksh is also running an informal network of individuals and organisations known as ‘Vikalp Sangam’ who are interested in sustainable alternatives. 

Pratham Education Foundation 


Pratham is an innovative learning organisation created to improve the quality of education in India. Pratham focuses on high-quality, low-cost, and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system and vocational training. Pratham’s Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) approach has demonstrated a proven impact on children’s learning outcomes and is now being adapted to contexts outside India. 



CORO works towards a society based on equality and justice. It does this by empowering leaders in the most marginalised communities to steer collective action for social change. Over the last three decades, CORO has developed a community-based approach​​ to facilitating change from within India's most marginalised and oppressed.  

Work for Equality 


Work for Equality works to build the capacity of the marginalised community, especially the leadership capacity among first-leader girls from the marginalised community like Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes, Nomadic Tribes, and Minorities, so that they can access their rights and competently participate in mainstream society. 

New vision 


NEW VISION is based in Pune and is working to provide better education and health awareness among street children, especially girls, in and around Pune city. It is a child-centred organisation, and hence most of its work involves safeguarding the fundamental rights of children and ensuring that every child has access to their basic entitlements. 

Lok Panchayat 


Lok Panchayat focuses on revival and promotion of sustainable farming practises, biodiversity conservation, women’s empowerment, enterprise development, sacred grove conservation, and sustainable livelihood based on forest in the Akole block of Nagar district. Lokpanchayat also runs a technical training institute offering various ITI and short-term vocational courses. 

Greentara Foundation 


Green Tara Foundation (GTF) has been working in urban settlements in Pune city. The focus of the work is the upliftment of scheduled caste families and especially the protection of girls and women from scheduled castes, as they never come out of their caste-based occupations even after their migration to cities from native lands. 

Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha (MGVS) 


MGVS works mainly in the areas of agriculture, health, water and sanitation, and child and women's development for the rural and urban poor. MGVS works mainly in the areas of agriculture, health, water and sanitation, water conservation and watershed development, and women's empowerment for the rural and urban poor. MGVS is also recognised as a district resource organisation by the Vasundhara Watershed Development Agency, GoM, under the Integrated Watershed Management Programme. 

Yuva Gram Vikas Mandal (YGVM) 


Yuva Gram works in the Marathwada region on watershed development, NRM, child rights, livelihood, etc. The organisation has a good reputation with the government because of its contributions and work for the underprivileged. It was honoured with the "National Youth Award’ in 2001 by the Central Government for its outstanding contribution to youth development in Maharashtra. 

Sankalp Manav Vikas Sanstha 


Sankalp Manav Vikas Sanstha is a grass-roots service provider working in the fields of education, health, and community empowerment in the Marathwada region. Sankalp emphasises the empowerment of women with the help of self-help groups and an entrepreneurship development programme. 

Astitva Samaj Vikas Sanshodhan Sanstha (Astitva) 


Astitva is working in the Solapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra on issues of health, education, and livelihood. The organisation has done exceptional work in five villages of Solapur district towards increasing the agricultural production of Dalits and curtailing the migration of Dalit farmers. 

Vikas Samvad Samiti (VSS) 

Madhya Pradesh 

Vikas Samvad means "development dialogue" and is an initiative to build capacity in civil society through research and evidence-based knowledge education. The main objective of the organisation is to improve the living conditions of marginalised communities (Dalit and Adivasi). The main focus of the work is the promotion of women and children in the areas of nutrition, health, and political participation through the development and qualification of community structures. 


Madhya Pradesh 

ADHAR is a child-centric community development organisation. The organisation is working for the holistic development and empowerment of underprivileged children and their families and communities in rural and urban areas of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh states of India. ADHAR’s strategic focus is on four thematic areas: education, protection, health and nutrition, and livelihoods. 

Parhit Samaj Sevi Sanstha 

Madhya Pradesh 

The organisation is working with a vision to "establish a society where men and women are treated equally, they rise above the boundaries of sex, caste, class, and religion, and they are united in moving towards the path of humanity". The organisation is dedicated to its mission to mobilise people for their self-development by providing information facilities and building capacities so that they move on the path of development on a continuous basis. 

Synergy Sansthan 

Madhya Pradesh 

Synergy Sansthan was formed as a platform where the creative energies of youth can come together and nurture each other as well as their communities. The organisation’s interventions are centred upon building the participants’ understanding of themselves in relation to the world around them and not in isolation from it. 

Chaupal Gramin Vikas Prashikshan Evam Shodh Sansthan 


Chaupal conducts field operations, capacity building, and research studies in Surguja and Koriya districts in northern Chhattisgarh. Chaupal's main intervention from the beginning was to improve access to food and nutrition services for the poor. Later, community mobilisation to access health and care services became another key intervention. Working on these demands helped Chaupal create a strong organisation of the poor and marginalised. 

Public Health Resource Society (PHRS) 


The Public Health Resource Network (PHRN) is a growing network of individuals and organisations with the perspective of strengthening technical and management capacity to take action towards the common goal of "Health for All". PHRN's areas of work are to conduct learning programmes for public health professionals within and outside the government, strengthen community processes, promote networks, and conduct appropriate research and policy discussions to achieve the goal of "Health for All." 

Paryavaran Mitra 


Paryavaran Mitra provides opportunities for youth to put into practise and deepen their theoretical knowledge that they have learned in classrooms. It also offers the chance to know more about various developmental perspectives related to the environment through in-depth orientations, hands-on experience in research, training, and advocacy. 

The National Federation of the Blind Maharashtra (NFBM) 


NFBM is one of India's first organisations of the blind for the blind. The self-help organisation represents c.a. 800,000 visually impaired people in the state of Maharashtra. NFBM fights for equal opportunities for visually impaired people in education, training, and employment. 




The focus of the organization is "Rural development and management of natural resources combined with participatory village development." Aman has been working with other grassroot-level organizations for 15 years and has developed a focus on environmental children's rights.

Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation (HESCO)


HESCO has over 30 years of experience developing and applying simple technologies for the sustainable development of Himalayan rural areas. Through innovative and ecologically sound solutions and effective results in their areas of intervention, HESCO has gained national and international recognition and reputation.

Tarun Prayavaran Vigyan Sanstha (TPVS)

Under Process


Organization is involved with environmental, nutritional, child and women issues for more than 17 years. The organization currently works in Uttarkashi, Tehri Garhwal and Rudraprayag, and works closely with development aid organizations and government agencies.



HIMAD is an organization that advocates for children's rights. It strongly believes that social change in communities can be achieved through intensive community participation and grassroots mobilization.

DKD (Daliyon Ka Dagriya)


DKD believes in a holistic and sustainable approach to the development for the mountain people based on their cultural values, traditions and resources.

Centre for Education and Communication (CEC)


CEC is focused on upholding labour rights and strives for a world in which all workers and small producers are empowered to live lives of rights, dignity, equality and justice. CEC develops basic concepts, policies and solutions that take into account changes in the world of work, and works together with other civil society actors to achieve this.

HAQ – centre for Child Rights


HAQ aims at recognition, protection and promotion of all rights for all children, by emphasizing the need to look at the child in an integrated manner and fill the conceptual and practical gaps, making crosscutting linkages between all categories of children, especially including children who are disadvantaged on account of their gender, caste, class, ethnicity, ability and location, and issues affecting them.

Dr. A.V Baliga Memorial Trust


Baliga Trust is operating its diversified activities in slums and resettlement colonies of National Capital Territory of Delhi and performing various developmental activities comprising education, women’s empowerment livelihood promotion, child rights and protection, health and sanitation for over five decades.

Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education (ANKUR)

Under Process


Since 1983, Ankur has been working in the field of experimental pedagogy, with children, young people, women and communities in underserved working-class settlements of Delhi.

Nirantar Trust


Nirantar is a resource center for gender and education. Since its inception in 1993, Nirantar has focused on the use of education processes as a route towards enabling women and young people to empower themselves in their everyday lives.

Mobile Creches


Since 1969 MC is a pioneer in providing health, nutrition, and childcare services to children at construction sites and urban slums to the most vulnerable children in need of urgent interventions, therefore MC has experience of working with migrant families for the last 52 years.

Participatory Action for Community Empowerment (PACE)

Uttar Pradesh

The organization is committed for people centered development with the mission of empowering Dalits, women and children. It believes in participatory approaches and methodologies for empowering the community-based organization like SHGs, children’s groups and youth groups.

Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (SKVS)

Uttar Pradesh

The organization came in existence with the objective of ensuring the rights of Dalit /minority/socially excluded women and children with the ultimate aim leading to social equality. SKVS is involved in the advocacy for the access to the entitlement and rights of the Marginalized community –Mushar (Rat catching community), Muslims, Schedule Castes etc.

Manav Sansadhan Evam Mahila Vikas Sansthan (MSEMVS)

Uttar Pradesh

MSEMVS is working for promoting rights of children and women. It has been working on the issues of child welfare, education, health and livelihood focusing children, women and marginalized population. MSEMVS works towards increasing the participation of most deprived sections of society in mainstream development processes.

Vigyan Foundation

Uttar Pradesh

Vigyan Foundation is a non-government organization working with a right based approach. It strongly believes and promotes networks and alliances for advocacy of the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Sarathi Development Foundation

Uttar Pradesh

Sarathi Development Foundation is working for more than 20 years on participatory principles to prioritize and address needs of children, adolescent girls and women in the sphere of integrated community development.

Society for Welfare & Advancement of Rural Generations (SWARG)

Uttar Pradesh

SWARG works for social, political and economic empowerment of poor people, protection of human rights, gender issues, right to food, grassroots justice delivery system and environment conservation in rural and urban areas.

Koshish Charitable Trust


Koshish works for social, political and economic empowerment of poor people, protection of human rights, gender issues, Right to Food, grassroots justice delivery system and environment conservation in rural and urban areas.

Bhoomika Vihar


Bhoomika Vihar has been working on the land rights, minimum wages, women’s rights, child rights, and illiteracy, feudal and other social issues since its inception. The organization had also made effort in drawing the attention of the people to the issues pertaining to women rights several years.

Disha Vihar


Disha Vihar has closely worked with the people in diara land who were displaced by the Ganga flood and the fishing community in Munger district. The organization has taken up women rights issues and local governance issues in its operational area.

Matsya-Mewat Shiksha Evam Vikas Sansthan (MMSVS)


MMSVS is working all over Rajasthan, more focused in eastern part of Rajasthan. MMSVS believes that ultimately people should take lead for the solution of their problems and it has to facilitate and enable people’s initiatives to take place for final decision and action.

Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti (MJAS)


Mahila Jan Adhikar Samiti (MJAS) is a grassroots feminist organization based in central Rajasthan dedicated to inclusivity and equality. It works with various marginalized groups of the society for dignity, safety and security, recognizing self-worth and empowerment of women and children.

Centre for Labour Research and Action (CLRA)


Centre for Labour Research and Action (CLRA) is a non-profit organization which promotes workers' rights in India's informal economy and focuses mainly on families of migrant workers. CLRA's advocacy work includes combating child labour at the national level, setting up Government task forces and drafting an intergovernmental protocol to eliminate child trafficking.

Centre Direct


Centre Direct works for raising awareness on violence, health, education, development and critical issues of children and women. It is involved in production and distribution of creative materials on children and women rights issues and building knowlege feminist issues.



Abhiyan focuses on a rights-based model, as well as the formation and expansion of existing community organizations such as self-help groups and peace committees.



Lake Gardens Women & Children Development Centre (LGWCDC) 

West Bengal 

LGWCDC is working with an integrated holistic developmental approach wherein joyful learning, remedial education, opportunities for mainstreaming, health care, vocational skills training for income generation are provided to the girl children residing in the targeted slums 

Nature, Environment, Wildlife Society (NEWS) 

West Bengal 

 NEWS has been working in the Sundarban region for over 25 years. The organization contributes to climate and coastal protection through the long-term rehabilitation and protection of tropical man-grove ecosystems. In addition, NEWS is committed for the conservation of ecology and environ-ment, wildlife, natural resources and sustainable livelihoods for an improved environment 

Society for Peoples’ Awareness (SPAN) 

West Bengal 

 Founded by a group of social workers, cultural activists, journalists, and students in the year 1989 in Kolkata, to address the issues of education and health of the urban-displaced and evicted communities in the city. SPAN’s area of engagement includes – child rights, with special focus on protection, education & participation of urban and rural children, and particular focus on child budgeting; youth led development; gender with focus on increased participation of women in social and economic sectors and in the political arena; and community development with focus on rural communities.    

The ant (Action Northeast Trust) 


 The ant (operating in Chirang district) focuses on women's and girls' empowerment, community health, child and youth development, sustainable development of disadvantaged populations, and justice and peacebuilding, and provides capacity building 

People’s Action for Development (PAD), Assam 


 PAD is committed to improving the lives and livelihoods of Adivasi people and other tribal minorities in Assam, India. PAD’s work covers three key themes: Education, Climate Change and Social Justice 

North-East Affected Area Development Society (NEADS) 


 NEADS is a volunteers centered grassroot development organisation founded in the year 1985. Presently, the interventions of the society include Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Response, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Food Security & Vulnerable Livelihood, Education and Children, Gender Justice & Development working across in the nine districts of Upper Assam region. 

Social Action for Appropriate Transformation & Advancement in Rural Areas-SATRA 


 SATRA is a grassroot level NGO based in Sipajhar of Darrang District in Assam, India & has been working to organize and empower rural poor to promote development as a liberating force for achieving social justice, economic growth, self-reliance & creating a peaceful society. SATRA was formed in the year 2002 by a group of social activists of Assam with the motto PEOPLE FOR DEVELOPMENT, DEVELOPMENT FOR PEOPLE 

InSIDe-North East (InSIDE NE) 


 InSIDe NE is youth-focused, youth-led, youth-engaged with gender as a cross-cutting theme and works in the field of education, personal development and skill building for income generation. The organization works with Life Skill Education, sports, music and peace education 

CWG (Centre for Women and Girls), 


 CWG actively advocates for justice and support for women and girls. For the past 10 years, CWG has served as a point of contact for survivors of domestic violence, providing legal assistance, operating aid facilities, and offering emergency assistance to women and children facing any form of violence 



 MANEDA works exclusively with children and young women. The organization focuses on education and training opportunities, as well as support services through Child Line. The organization follows an inclusive approach and works with people with and without disabilities 

Abhivyakti Foundation 


 Abhivyakti Foundation is presently working with 4000 households in 8 districts of Jharkhand with the disadvantaged communities including the mica dependent communities. The organization has specific focus on the child population and intervention programmes include nurturing child agencies in form of Bal Manch 

LEADS (Life Education and Development Support) 


 LEADS has diversified human resources experts in the field of Child Rights, Anganwadi, RTE Act 2009, Child labour, Convergence and linkages with entitlements, livelihood, school education, participatory planning, RTI-2005, women empowerment, promoting CBOs, Entitlement realisation, Organic farming, plantation, clean energy, MGNREGA, skill building on various trades, Research and advocacy at state national and international level etc 

Lok Kalyan Seva Kendra 


 The organization focuses on working for children and women from Schedule Tribes, Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), and Dalits. The main crux of the work revolves around the eradication of social issues that predominate in the region, such as the dowry system, child marriage, child labour, women victims of domestic violence, adolescent girls, women, and children trafficking, and livelihood opportunities for single women headed households 

Savera Foundation 


 Savera Foundation is dedicated to work with the poorest of the poor and most marginalized sections including women, children and men (Dalits and Tribals) towards providing them a dignified life. Since the inception the main focus areas have been education, health & sanitation, community organization, livelihood enhancement, agriculture development, gender equality and Dalit rights 



 Samarpan started as a campaign launched with the aim to bring the children involved in the illegal mica mines of Koderma into the mainstream of education by freeing them. Samarpan has continued to drive initiatives towards capacity building, fostering partnerships, ensuring entitlements, water conservation, livelihood, and making a lasting impact on the health and rights of marginalized people 

Development Agency for Poor and Tribal Awakening (DAPTA) 


 DAPTA has a vision that "marginalized poor in India can live without poverty and have access to equal opportunities." The organization's mission statement is "to work with marginalized poor to alleviate poverty by overcoming injustice and inequality that cause it, and to live a meaningful life with sustain-ably protected environment and biodiversity. 

Living Farms 


 The organization is a grassroot development organization that creates a shared space where Adivasi and Dalit farmers, youths, and small and marginalized farmers from other communities, along with fellow designers build and strengthen solidarity among themselves 

People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC) 


 PECUC has worked with children, women and the elderly, from socio-economically challenged communities in the state of Odisha, focusing on such issues as – child rights, empowerment of women, responding to emergency situations through humanitarian aid, health & sanitation, promoting democracy, among other areas 


Socio Economic Education and Development Society (SEEDS) 


 It aims to ensure social justice for the poor and marginalized communities in the rural area. The main issues addressed by the organization includes child rights promotion and protection, poverty reduction through Self Help Groups, community health, natural resource management and sustainable livelihood measures, gender equality and women development. 

Action Initiative for Development (AID) 


AID is committed towards upliftment and empowerment of the most excluded sections of the society like Dalits.   RTE activism, Child Rights Education, responding to the violence and atrocities against the deprived communities, enabling the children of the community to get into Government’s boarding schools, linking families and children to the Government Social Welfare schemes are some of the work being continuously implemented by the organisation 

Enfold Proactive Health Trust; 


Enfold supports children and youth in equipping themselves with techniques to be safe and live with dignity and empathy, through life skills-based sexuality and personal safety education 

Mahila Abhivruddhi Mattu Samrakshana Samsthe - Belgaum (MASS) 


The Goal of the organisation is “Checking revival of devadasi system, securing livelihoods, rights and justice for women and children” MASS continuously keeps vigilance and creates awareness to check the revival of devadasi tradition and its associated rituals in Belgaum district and support agencies with similar interest in containing the tradition in nine other devadasi - endemic districts of Karnataka  

Vanasiri Rural Development Society (VRDS) 


 Since last one and half decade, VRDS has been working for the upliftment of rural and urban poor families in 60 villages of Ranebennur Taluk of Karnataka State in India and has reached to over 10000 families. 

Sakhi Trust 


The organization has been working with the vision to empower youth, especially girls from vulnerable and marginalized families (families at risk) towards self awareness and self employment. The organization has been supporting migrant and dalit children and young women from the backward regions of Hyderabad-Karnataka. 



SNEHA was established in 1993 to work for the development of children, women and especially for Devadasi communities. Community mobilization, education, socio-economic development and advocacy related activities have been the strength of the organization 

Rural Literacy and Health Progamme (RLHP), 


RLHP has been working since 1984 to end exploitative child labour in the districts of Gulburga and Bidar in the Indian state of Karnataka. RHLP's mission is to empower marginalized people in slums and villages, vulnerable children and those affected by natural disasters and climate change to respond to growing poverty and rights viola-tions by implementing sustainable development and self-reliance projects. 

Need Base India - NBI 


The organization is working on the youth building for a better society by empowering them on the various topics of perspective workshops, skill building, carrier guidance and making them financial independence 

Community Awareness Research Education Trust(CARE T) 

Tamil Nadu 

CARE T is committed to the elimination of extremely exploitative working conditions of young girls and young women under the so called Sumangali system as well as forced labour and child labour, the well-being of children, marginalized groups, tribes and poor people in general in the districts of Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Dindigul, The Nilgiris, Thanjavur, Kanyakumari. 

Psycho Trust (Psychological and Community Health Organization Trust) 

Tamil Nadu 

The main goal of Psycho Trust is to promote a child labour free society, to put an end to the growing number of early school leavers and to empower women through socio-economic programmes. The activities ranged from educational programmes about motivation and awareness raising to womens‘ advancement programmes 

ROSE (Rural Organisation for Social Education 

Tamil Nadu  

ROSE is committed towards elimination of extremely exploitative working conditions of young girls and women in the textile sector, the wellbeing of children, marginalised groups and marginal farmers in Pudukottai District.     

READ Foundation (Rural Education and Development Foundation) 

Tamil Nadu 

 READ Foundation is committed towards elimination of extremely exploitative working conditions of young girls and women in the textile sector, the wellbeing of children, women, marginalised groups and marginal farmers in Pudukottai District 

Association for the Rural Development (ARD) 

Andhra Pradesh  

The organization has been focusing on issues related to migration, child labour and bonded labour system and education for all children. From 2004 onwards ARD started working with the fishing communities and Yanadhi tribal community who were affected by the tsunami disaster. The organization has from then on, has been working towards the education and empowerment of the Yanadhi tribal community 

Navajeevan Bala Bhavan (NBB) 

Andhra Pradesh  

Navajeevan has initiated the Child Rights Advocacy Foundation (CRAF) in 1997 and with its collaboration the Juvenile Justice Desk of Andhra Pradesh has extended its presence in all the districts of the state. Navajeevan is the lead organization which has been elected to convene the campaign Destination Unknown in Andhra Pradesh in the year 2014-15  

Hands of Compassion (HOC) 

Andhra Pradesh 

HOC has ventured into an ever widening spectrum of programmes that held faster equitable and sustainable development. Initially, this has been for the benefit of the people with disability. But by extension, in order to improve the status of the marginalised, viz., women, children, youth, small and marginal farmers, agricultural labour, HOC has taken up a number of specific and general programmes for weaker, oppressed and downtrodden sections of the society 

CONARE (Conservation of Nature through Rural Awakening) 


The core activities being undertaken by the organization are rural development, conservation of forests and promotion of sustainable farming for improving the agricultural productivity of marginal farmers, sustainable livelihood for the tribal communities in Nallamala forest range, watershed development, child labour eradication, child protection, advocacy and networking on child rights, animal husbandry and fodder development programmes, economic empowerment of women and Entrepreneurship development programmes 

Dhaatri Trust 


Dhaatri is a resource centre for women and children’s rights. The Centre is an initiative to represent the voices, perspective and campaigns of rural, adivasi and marginalized women in India and for the protection of the rights of their children. Dhaatri helps women access information, research, capacity building and exchange of skills and strategies 



Karnali Province, Surkhet District 

Aawaaj started working on sexual abuse, exploitation and violence against women and children at a time when no other organization was working in family and community level in rural areas. The organization is pioneer with establishment of community support mechanism against sexual abuse and violence against women and girls in rural areas 

Association for Rural Development (ARD) 

Bagmati Province, Kavre District 

ARD engaged with the youths and their networks to enhance the youth leadership to establish just, peaceful and happy society. Social mobilization, partnership with the people and their institutions, engagement with the government agencies and collaboration with the national and international community for mobilization of the resources are its major strategies to resolve the issues or problems faced by the people in rural and semi-urban settings 

Community Development Society (CDS), 

Bagmati Province, Ramechhap District 

CDS is specialized in rural development, particularly the construction of infrastructures such as community buildings, trail suspension bridges, water schemes, schools, WASH, health, community mobilization and community empowerment. The organization also worked extensively in the sector of reconstruction and rehabilitation after the earthquake of April 2015. 

Children-Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) 

Bagmati Province, Kathmandu District 

Within the course of 25+ year of professional working experience, CWISH has been contributing in the sector of children and youth, disaster risk reduction and management and empowerment of families through different livelihood programs. CWISH has enabled youths to advocate for social and environmental issues on national and local platforms. 

Human Resources Centre (HRC) 

Sudarpaschim, Bajura District 

Human Resources Centre aims at reducing poverty of marginalized communities through integrated and sustainable development interventions. It works with marginalized groups (Haliya, Youths, Children, Women, Dalits) for promoting and practicing their social, economic and cultural rights 

Razi Social Development Organization (RSDO) 

Main office in Herat Province with branches in Farah and Ghor  provinces 

The organization has been working for many years on agriculture/livelihood, education, building school and empowerment of women in the western region (Herat, Ghor and Farah provinces). Its stated goal is an Afghanistan without illiteracy, education for all children and opportunities for social development for all Afghans. 

Woman Activities and social services Association (WASSA)  

Main office in Herat Province with branches in Farah, Ghor and Badghis provinces 

WASSA work is based on advocacy in three main areas: 1) empowerment of civil society, 2) legal and social protection, and 3) conflict management and peace building. The organization pursue the goal of a capable civil society committed to the peace, equality and economic independence of all Afghans 

Women Integrity for Society Empowerment (WISE) 

Main office in Herat with branch in Badghis province 

Women Integrity for Society Empowerment Organization (WISE) is an active national Non-profit and non- governmental organization operating in the Herat western region of Afghanistan with a special focus on  women's rights and women empowerment. Equipped with experienced and educated staff and works in  several overarching areas, entrepreneurship, human capital, peace education with a specific emphasis on  youth empowerment, promoting human rights, child protection, gender equality, gender-based violence,  policy advocacy, fight against corruption, civic education and electoral process to support national efforts  to enhance political dialogue. 

Khidmat for All Cultural and Social Organization (KACSO) 

Daikundi Province 

Khidmat for All Cultural and Social Organization (KACSO) was registered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan in 2006 under registration no. 350. KACSO works in the area of education, youth empowerment, women empowerment, capacity building etc. Since its establishment, KACSO has implemented more than 59 projects in various provinces of the country partnering with donors like US Embassy, WFP, UNICEF, UN-HABITAT, USAID, TDH and so on. 

Green Afghanistan Agriculture and Livestock Organization (GAALO) 

Kabul with branch in Badakhshan province 

A non-government, non-political and not for profit organization, registered with ministry of economy since 2009. 

Since the establishment, GAALO has implemented 70 plus programs and projects in the thematic area of Agriculture, Livestock, Environment Protection, Emergency Relief and Resilience Building Projects to Cope Food Insecurity, Research, Survey, Capacity Building and Development in 31 provinces of Afghanistan… 

Management Studies Organization (MSO)  

Herat Province 

The overall goal of the MSO is to provide humanitarian and volunteer services for active contribution in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan through strengthening democracy, good governance, and social justice 

ActionAid Afghanistan  

Kabul, Jawzjan, Kunduz, Samangan, Daikundi, Herat, Ghor, Farah, Paktika, Khost, Nangarhar, Laghman, and Bamyan provinces 

The overall goal of ActionAid is to achieve social justice, gender equity and poverty eradication. In Afghanistan, ActionAid has been implementing humanitarian response programmes with specific expertise food Aid and food security, emergency, livelihood, Resilient Agriculture, Education, Wash, Multi-purpose cash 

Afghan Women’s Educational Center (AWEC) 

Kabul with branch in Paktika province 

The organization focuses on the protection and promotion of the rights of women and children, with particular emphasis on their legal rights and access to justice. It works to empower the vulnerable groups through comprehensive education, integration and social development programs, and has provided basic literacy to thousands of children and women and helped hundreds of people to obtain formal schooling 

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Afghanistan Organization (LEFAO)  


LEFAO’s main goal is to assist and support Afghan IDPs and returnees to decrease their suffering in temporary camps in relatively peaceful areas where they are settled 


Kabul with branch in Jalalabad province 

Aschiana supports street children, working children and war-affected children in Afghanistan to improve their quality of life. The vision of Aschiana is to reduce the number of children working on the street in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Gardiz, Herat and Kandahar. 

Aga Khan Foundation 

AKF implements a range of integrated interventions across economic inclusion, agricultural and food security, health, education, early childhood development, and civil society in collaboration with civil society groups and government authorities 

Rural Aid 

Rural aid envisions improving the quality of life in rural areas through community engagement and development, social entrepreneurship, and small business growth. Rural Aid has expertise in community engagement, Natural Resource Management, and supporting the successful designing and implementation of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) that are socially oriented, rural-based, and youth- and female-focused. 


Inson va Adolat" is a partner of UNHCR Tajikistan and provides legal support to the refugees and asylum seekers offering a broad range of consulting and support services, including organization of legal representation services. The scope of the services shall cover all rights issues and areas of legal support that refugees and asylum seekers require 

Refugees, Children and Vulnerable Citizens (RCVC) 

RCVC works closely with UNHCR to successfully assist hundreds of marginalized individuals, including refugees and vulnerable citizens, in rising out of poverty by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and equipment they need to develop sustainable livelihoods.