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Farida’s return to a normal childhood of laughter and play in Herat, Afghanistan

For Farida, now a typical 9-year old in Herat, the experience of a normal childhood came with difficulty.  At the age of 2, in keeping with certain longstanding traditions, she was married to a cousin by her father.  Her marriage, and the future it entailed, weighed heavily on Farida’s mind. “She behaved more like a grown up than a child”, says a teacher. Living everyday with the reality of being married was not easy on young Farida. It bothered her the most when she played with her friends, who would taunt her every day about having a husband. Farida became severely stressed, afraid of everyone around her and of the future. Her cheeks would quiver and hands tremble when she tried to speak. She lived with the dread that something bad would happen at any moment and began to suffer from shyness and discrimination. About six months ago Farida started attending a child support center at Masklakh on the outskirts of Herat city, run by Women Activities and Social Awareness Association (WASSA) with support from terre des hommes Germany. After several counselling sessions with Farida and engaging her in group psychotherapeutic games, WASSA’s staff started to see a positive response from her. Gradually she started enjoying play, even beginning to win in games. She started to speak without hesitation or reserve. Her attitude became positive. Farida now speaks boldly about herself and also her group. She mingles freely in the group and is not afraid of being amongst others. Benefiting from hygiene awareness sessions for her and her family, she has improved her hygiene significantly.  Farida is now a regular and active student at the center and plays a lot. She says, “If I had not met Ms. Rahmani (of WASSA), I would have continued to be miserable. I am now able to live normally and set goals for myself. I am enjoying being with everybody and learning.” Today, Farida is a very different child from the one who came to the support center six months ago. She now laughs out loud and plays with everyone.

Tdh Nepal celebrates handover of school building

Tdh Germany Nepal celebrated a significant achievement with the completion and handing over of a new building of Janajyoti Basic (Primary) School to the school’s Management Committee.

A programme organized on the school premises in Panauti Municipality Ward No. 1, Budapokhari Rayale, Kavrepalanchowk on 6th October, 2018 was inaugurated by The Right Honourable Chairperson of the Nepal National Assembly Mr. Ganesh Prasad Timilsina.

The Mayor of Panauti Municipality, The Chair of Panauti Municipality Ward No. 1 and 150 parents, teachers, students and media persons were also present. Honourable Mr. Timilsina made a highly appreciated speech about quality education and the roles of the School Management Committee, teachers, parents and local government in achieving education goals. Mr. Bhim Prasad Neupane, Mayor of Panauti Municipality, in his address to the gathering committed to supporting schools to provide quality education.

Chairperson of the SMC Mr. Krishna Bahadur Shrestha presented a perspective on the activities undertaken through the project “Recovery and Reconstruction of Living Conditions in Earthquake Affected Districts in Phase II”.

The project is financed by tdh Germany in partnership with Navjyoti Centre Kathmandu and ARSOW Nepal. Mr Shreshtha commended tdh Germany’s support and its integrated working modality and requested the project be extended in the area, with a matching commitment of funds from Panauti Municipality.

The function saw local youth perform the traditional Dhime dance, with school children also contributing traditional dance performances.


Annadi and Gantar are Gujarat based organizations working with children engaged in child labour in the cotton growing area of Gujarat. The project envisages intervening in education, sustainable agriculture, livelihood and health specifically for migrant families and villagers in general. The project’s main objective is to make the cotton field free of the child labors, thus there are farms schools/bridge schools to engage the children in the education and then enroll them in the local government schools. This would help in eradicating child labour in the cotton field.

The project also target to elevate the living stand of the migrant and marginalize families by providing training on agro-based income generation and enhancing micro credits among the women and youths to have sustainable livelihood and income.

The project also promotes sustainable agriculture by practicing organic farming and use of safety appliances among the famers.

Abhiyan –India-16-18

Taking forward the effort of community mobilization in the last one year where some of the key achievements have been that support education systems has created learning opportunities, organized community to take up development initiative. Programmes in the second phase of the project will be implemented in 9 hamlets of Jehanabad district of Bihar where status of education and RTE implementation is still very poor. These 9 hamlets which have been identified by Abhiyan are far behind the mainstream. Education, Health, hygiene is the main problem with the Mushar community which is due to the poverty and discrimination faced by the community in large. In continuation with some of the former results the project will be continued further for 2 years with the objective of streamlining and strengthening educational and nutritional status of the Mushar children by strengthening implementation of RTE and ICDS programme in 9 Mushar hamlets the project will be continued in the same Dalit hamlets where education and health need of children will be focused and advocacy efforts will be initiated to make the service provider regular and accountable, the community will even be facilitated to take the benefits of the government schemes to improve their overall living condition.