South Asia
  • Covid19 and increased the risk of child labour

    India is home to 10.1 million child labourers, aged 5-14 years (census 2011). The state governments need to address this issue immediately, if they are committed to eliminating all forms of child labour by …

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  • A young environment activist: Abisha’s story

    18 year old Abisha dreams of a clean environment where people could not only enjoy the beauty of her coastal village but would also understand the symbiotic relationship between nature and people. Growing up in …

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  • Living off the land: Papdi’s story

    “Together we can!” says young Papdi and her conviction is infectious. Hearing her talk about her struggles, the extreme poverty that her family faced, almost dropping out of school - it’s stunning to see …

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  • Violence against Children in the Midst of COVID 19

    Tamil Nadu: In the State of Tamil Nadu, the Rural Organization for Social Education (ROSE), has been working with the most marginalized daily wage farm and agricultural labourers. The COVID 19 lockdown has further distressed their …

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The environmental crisis is one involving the rights of children and young people – after all, they suffer the most from the consequences of environmental degradation and climate change. If we don’t act now they will not have a liveable planet tomorrow!

Children have a right to a healthy environment and this is something that needs to be universally recognised. Only then will we no longer depend on the good will of governments and can call for our rights. Join us now and sign the petition to the General Secretary of the United Nations (UN) and the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Please sign the petition: