Mr. Abdulloh Ziyoi is a citizen of Afghanistan. He left Kabul in 2021 because of the unstable political situation there to come to Tajikistan in 2021 with his father, mother, and spouse. When Mr. Ziyoi arrived he was unable to find employment because he could not read and write in Tajik, the state language. This is similar to his mother tongue, Dari, but the script is Cyrillic. In January 2022, when TDH launched a project ‘Integration of Refugees and Children in Tajikistan’ with the support of the implementing partner ‘Inson va Adolat’, Mr. Ziyoi signed up for a Cyrillic script course with the hope of learning the state language in order to find a job.

Mr. Ziyoi learned how to read and write in the state language. He can already read and write short sentences and as also signs on the streets. He is satisfied with the course of the trainings and gives very positive reviews of the teacher who conducts them. He has also made friends with other people around. Soon, after completion of the course, Mr. Ziyoi will be able to find a job and support his family. He will contribute to the wellbeing of his family and also teach other family members the Cyrillic script, and thus help them become more integrated with the local community.