Hamidullah, a young man of 21 years, from an immigrant family of Baghak Village – Badghis Province in Afghanistan has a major problem with anger management. He is part of a large family of eight and initially the family was well off. Later the father became a drug addict. He lost his job and the family was impoverished. His father used to mistreat his mother and siblings. As the eldest in the family, Hamidullah was now under a lot of stress and he took it out on his siblings. In school too he was aggressive and unruly and the school eventually expelled him for his violent behaviour. The authorities told his mother that he should stay at home and find help and treatment for his problems.

After several attempts to find help, the mother was finally referred to the WISE Center for psychological counseling. Initially Hamidullah resisted, but in time began to cooperate with the counselors. His mother was also counseled and in time Hamidullah went back to school and was able to function normally and even take responsibility for the family. He took up a job and had his father admitted to a hospital to treat his addiction. Hamidullah is now a motivated and active young man. Having overcome the problems and challenges of his life he has a great motivation to study and has high hopes for his future.